The Slave's Duties

The slave's Duties include but are not limited to:

1.  Self-Awareness & Personal Growth.
2.  Service.
3.  Obedience.
4.  Attitude & Respect.
5.  Acceptance of Discipline.
6.  Sexuality.

We will deal with these aspects of the slaves guidelines individually.

1.  Self-Awareness & Personal Growth:

My first duty is to myself.   Without a healthy amount of self-respect and a firm belief in the validity of my choices, I can be of no use to anyone, particularly my Mistress.  I will remember that slavery is not about low self-esteem or self-deprecation.   It’s not about avoiding life’s responsibilities at another’s expense.   It’s not about being or becoming a less intelligent person; rather it is about putting those qualities to Her best use.   

I must do my best to preserve and expand my emotional health, maintain my sense of clarity and purpose, and uphold my willingness to carry on despite mistakes. I must be aware of my strengths and talents, and must gladly offer them to my Mistress for Her own purposes.  From the most exhilarating sexual experience to the most mundane task, whatever I do should be geared toward the growth of the relationship and my personal growth within it.   

I must always be willing to learn and expand my horizons for the betterment of the relationship.   I am not victim and I can never be productive by thinking in those terms. I must accept responsibility for my behaviour alone.   My training is not designed to create the perfect Mistress, but instead to transform me into the ideal slave. This thought should remain foremost in my mind. 

My  Mistress may still seek my opinions, and when asked, I will offer them with honesty.   In all cases I must remember that as valuable as I consider my counsel to be, in the end, only my Mistress can determine its importance.   My duty is to honour Her choices and express gratitude for the small part I may have played in them.

2.  Service:

Becoming a good slave is a challenging aspiration, and one that requires practice and perseverance.   Everything I do in the context of the relationship is meant to be of service. Whether Her mood is lenient or strict, demanding or relaxed, my Mistress expects me to serve Him in any number of ways, and at Her convenience. It is my duty is to be aware of my Mistress’s comfort, familiarize myself with Her needs, Her routines, Her habits and Her passions - and learn how best to accommodate them.  Those needs that aren’t anticipated should be carried out instantly. Service should not draw attention to itself.   It is meant to be unobtrusive, yet always available.   My actions should never demand thanks or acknowledgment, nor should I lead my Mistress to believe I expect them.  I must remember that the best forms of service weave themselves gracefully into the fabric of the experience without disrupting the intricacies of its pattern.   Service is not meant to be inflicted, but interlaced.

3.  Obedience:

Unhesitating obedience is my Mistress’s due.   I am obliged to approach my Mistress if obedience creates a question or concern, but only with the proper attitude and only at the appropriate time.   It is never correct to disobey my Mistress in public or in any situation where Her Mastery might come into question by others.  Obedience encourages others to think of my Mistress as I do - worthy and blessed with the ability to rule effectively. Obeying the rules set forth for me proves to my Mistress that I trust Him and am willing to live by Her codes and values.   It teaches me what is expected of me, and leaves no room for ambiguous notions of “blame.”  Obedience demonstrates to my Mistress that I am trustworthy and can be depended upon.

4.  Attitude and Respect:

The structured nature of a Mistress/slave relationship demands the acknowledgment of a hierarchy.   Within the larger structure, the adoration I feel for my Mistress can be recognized through the use of a prescribed form of address.   I must address my Mistress by title when speaking to Him or speaking about Him, unless we are in a situation where it would cause embarrassment to Him or to others.   Even at those times, I should make every effort to recognize the differences between us. My Mistress must always be approached with respect – with a tone of voice that does not indicate anger, frustration or exasperation.    

I must ask for permission to speak freely, and if it is granted, be certain that I can convey my thoughts calmly, logically and without redundancy.  I must remember that the opportunity to use my voice is as easily lost as it is contracted, and I must preserve an attitude of graciousness and gratefulness while speaking to my Mistress. My demeanour is as important as the words I choose.   The appropriate stance is never determined or defiant, but open and accepting.  The preservation of “slave space” is of utmost importance, and can be sustained by subduing uncultivated behaviours.   I may be playful, spontaneous or fun-loving, but cannot maintain my focus on servitude if I am agitated, noisy or raucous.   

I must learn to demonstrate self-restraint and moderation.  It is impossible to be attentive if I am engaged in activities that don’t include my Mistress.  I will remember I am the visible evidence of my Mistress’s training. Removing my clothes in my Mistress's presence is not a sexual act but a symbolic one.   Nudity represents the removal of all barriers that would keep Him from Her slave. It indicates my desire to hide nothing and to keep no secrets.   It is a constant reminder of who I am and what that means.  Nudity in Her presence is a privilege that allows me to slough off the imposed mantle of the outside world and immerse myself in the world He has offered me.

5.  Acceptance of Discipline:

Punishment is an electrifying gift.   With it comes the return of clarity and form, and the ability to reason based solely on the heart, not on social precepts, which so often hold me back.   It leaves me with a profound understanding of structure, a reflective wisdom and a challenge for the future.  At its best, punishment produces gratitude.  It is up to me to understand the difference between punishment and discipline, and not to confuse them.   It is up to me to accept that punishment is part of my life-style and can be administered without erotic elements, and as often as is necessary to accomplish a change in unacceptable behaviours.   It is inappropriate for me to ask for punishment; my Mistress decides what behaviours need correction and how best to correct them.  It is appropriate, however, for me to ask for Her guidance in hopes of correcting behaviour before it reaches the punishment stage.   Further, I must confess any and all disobedience in accordance with the tenet of absolute honesty.   An infraction unconfessed is a lie.   I must remember to ask for explanations if I am unclear on something, and understand that failure to ask will not absolve me from consequences.

6.  Sexuality:

I do not determine any aspect of my sexuality.  As with all other facets of my life, my sexual drive, creativity and enjoyment are useful only in service to my Mistress.  I must remember that, in my Mistress's eyes, sexual service is no more or less important than any of the other tasks I am assigned.  Failure to perform properly or performance that lacks enthusiasm is a sign of disrespect and is as punishable as any other act of disobedience. I am obliged to meet my Mistress's sexual needs on demand, and obliged to understand that I may be put to better use elsewhere.  I must remember that sexual release is a reward.  My personal pleasure is not a determining factor in sexual situations with my Mistress.  I must strive to please without regard to my own pleasure.  To be sent away without release should only be disappointing if I have failed my Mistress in some way, and that disappointment can only be levelled at my own performance.

In all things I will remember that I have been allowed the freedom to live the life I choose, and will express my gratitude for the gift my Mistress has bestowed on me through dedication to Her service, adherence to Her rules, obedience to Her will and compliance to Her desires.


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