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Mistress - A poem


Can I find the way
to the Mistress of my dreams
in this strange, dark land

where the horror waits
to scour the depths of my soul,
leaving me in tears

where did this come from,
that I must hide in the shadows,
trembling like a leaf

adrift in the gales
inconsiderate of fate,
suddenly cast down

to await the hand
of Sha Sha who gives sweet pain,
binds me to every heart

sudden subtle words
that send shivers down my spine
of pure ecstasy

because I am Hers,
I wish to give all my soul,
put it in Her Hands

LED every caress me
with such strength and dominance
I will cry out that

to be forgiven of
all those forbidden desires
that lie in my heart

She will take each one,
When she, in Her great wisdom,
guides me to any love.

tiffani pontchartrain
August 7, 2005

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