Top Ten Tips for Long-Term Male Chastity Device Wear

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I’ve had a number of what I’d consider relatively long-term experiences with the CB-3000 (which I think is safe to say is the most popular male chastity device available today). I’ve been able to wear the chastity device for several weeks with no problems, almost 24/7. However, that success did not come easy (no pun intended) and annoyingly, very little if any of what I know now came from the page of (really pathetic) instructions shipped with the product itself.

So, since this is the sort of stuff I see asked time and time again on newsgroups and forums and the like dedicated to male chastity, I figured I’d share a top ten list of things I’ve learned. Lots of these things are probably not sexy, so if you came to read some erotica you’re probably looking for Tom Allen’s hawt chastity porn instead. (Or maybe “Real Ultimate Male Chastity”?) These aren’t in any particular order, though, they’re just noteworthy.

Also, of course, the standard caveats of Your Mileage May Vary apply. These are just things that work for me and are thus naturally untested on anyone else. (Though that lack of testing on anyone else is mostly only due to a lack of opportunity. Are there any volunteers who want to give enforced chastity a try with Eileen and I?). ;)

1. Cotton swabs (aka Q-Tips) are your friends
I’m a really, really big fan of cotton swabs for lots of reasons, and one of them is their usefulness for hygienic purposes during a long-term chastity belt lock up. It probably seems obvious once you’re told, but lots of folks don’t realize that getting locked in a chastity device is a lot like wearing a rubber glove non-stop. That can get pretty messy and—worse—unhealthy, if you’re not careful about hygiene, so it’s important to be able to keep yourself clean.

Cotton swabs are one of the two essential tools used to clean one’s genitals when they’re all locked up. The CB-3000 and most other male chastity devices have some kind of small air holes big enough to stick the cotton swab in, roll it around and rub off any dirt, sweat, and general ickyness that may have accumulated in the device over the course of the day. They’re also helpful as a follow-up to using toilet paper to wipe down any urine remaining after peeing that has seeped towards the sides of the device, which is hard to get to with just toilet paper alone.

Unlike what you may have heard elsewhere, it’s a good idea to keep your genitals as dry as possible without drying out your skin. One way to help do this is to use cotton swabs to dry off the inside of the device as much as possible after taking showers, swimming, or otherwise wetting the device (such as, say, dripping lots of precum during a sexy scene where you remained locked). This is because in such a small and confined area, stagnant moisture like that is your skin’s worst enemy. This holds doubly true for people with especially sensitive skin (such as yours truly).

On the flip side, you may find yourself getting dry skin on occasion, such as what might happen if you over-wash with harsh soap. In these cases, put a drop of your favourite moisturizing cream on the tip of the cotton swab and apply it to your genitals. At first it might be hard to manoeuvre the cotton swab to the right places, but you’ll soon learn how to roll and twist it just right—well, right for cleaning, anyway. (I could never get enough stimulation this way for any pleasurable sensations.)

One last cotton-swab-related tip is that they are great indicators of how well you are doing hygiene-wise. Take a whiff of the tip of the cotton swab after rolling it over your genitals and you’ll quickly be able to determine whether or not you need a thorough cleaning. This may sound gross, but seriously, how often is your nose right up in some genitals anyway?

2. Strategically placed baby oil helps scrotum soreness, particularly at night
The single most difficult part of wearing the CB-3000 for me (and I imagine this would be the case for most trapped-ball devices), is the soreness it causes on my scrotum when I get involuntary erections at night. It’s a catch-22 because the device is designed not to let me orgasm and so I get hornier, which causes more involuntary erections which causes more soreness. When it’s real bad my ball sack gets red and painful and it becomes difficult to sleep comfortably because every way I turn I feel it being stretched.

It took a while to figure this out, but I realized that one of the most effective solutions is simply to rub a bit of baby oil or other absorbent cream (NOT LUBE! An exception is a thicker, water-based lube such as Babe lube; just a little bit works like baby oil but stays on the skin longer. Thinner lubes like Astroglide that contain glycerine are too sticky for my tastes.) on the sore areas. In fact, doing this before bed (and after a cleaning) can even help prevent the soreness throughout the night. It works by helping the so-called A-ring (the cock-ring portion of the trapped ball device) slide more easily away from the body. If you’ve sized the device correctly, the ring is still snug enough that your testicles won’t be able to slip through, but when they get stretched due to your nightly erections (and they will), the ring won’t scrape your scrotum.

Note that doing this for your penis by placing baby oil or other moisturizers inside the tube portion of the device is a very bad idea. See tip number 1, above, for why.

3. Hygiene is easiest with a nozzle and high water pressure
Along with the cotton swab thing, I find that the other absolutely essential tool for hygienic long-term chastity device wear is a squeeze bottle with a nozzle small enough to manoeuvre just inside the holes of the device. I found one in the form of a hair dye developer bottle and it works wonders, but a specialized shower head can also do the trick. What you’re after is a high-pressure stream of water that you can aim with precision.

I put a drop of moisturizing body wash in the squeeze bottle, fill it with lukewarm water (or cold water if I’m all hard right then), shake it up a bit, and then squeeze the water into the CB through its various holes. Lather, rinse, repeat a few times, then lather, rinse and repeat some more without the soap. This pushes water and soap all the way through the tube and underneath the ring, cleaning both it and me. Couple this with the cotton swab tip for a decidedly thorough clean.

This tip along with number 1 is how it’s possible to stay so clean for so long without ever removing the device. And, yeah, that’s kind of a frightening thought…. Aren’t you glad I told you?

4. Body wash or other moisturizing soap is better than lube for application
It’s kind of hilarious, but for chastity fetishists such as myself, it’s actually very difficult to put a chastity device of any kind on! Why? Well, most chastity devices for men require you to apply them when you’re flaccid and, if you get turned on by the idea of wearing a chastity device, it’s very unlikely that putting a chastity device on is going to be a situation in which you are flaccid. As a result, it’s surprisingly difficult to get the tube over my penis in order to get the CB-3000 on me sometimes. I’m sure other men (and probably some women) have had this experience as well.

For some crazy reason, the manufacturers of the CB-3000 ship instructions that says using lube helps this. Well, it certainly makes you a bit more slippery, but lube is not a good idea because it’s sticky and it’s hard to wash off. Furthermore, many lubes contain glycerine, which is basically sugar, which in turn is basically like inviting a yeast farm into your privates. Yuck! Instead of lube use regular soap; it’s just as slippery, it’ll clean you while you’re putting it on (see tips 1 and 3), and it’s cheaper than lube.

Also, the penis is surprisingly malleable. I don’t even bother trying to “git it all in” on first application anymore, especially if I’m semi-erect while getting the device locked on. Instead, I just get it locked and take a shower to clean myself up. By the next time I’m ready to take a shower, I’ll have gotten flaccid enough to finish adjusting myself however I need to.

5. Press on to smaller sized rings, spacers for both security and comfort
The other major hurdle you need to get past when you first begin wearing trapped ball chastity devices like the CB-3000 is proper sizing. You want to find a fit that is snug when flaccid, yet not too restrictive when erect, and that is comfortable all the time. Without going into the merits of the CB3k’s security, suffice it to say that smaller rings and smaller spacers are “better” than larger ones.

I think it makes the most sense to start out with the largest ring that you can easily fit your index finger under, and one of the larger spacers. Wear that combination for a while, and decrease the size of the spacer ’til you hit the smallest one. If this combination is still comfortable for you, revert to the next-smallest ring, and up the spacer’s width. Keep going in this fashion until you reach a point where you can still push your index finger under the ring but just barely, and are using the smallest spacer you can handle. You’ll know if you can’t because your testicles will feel cold, look blue, and lack blood shortly after putting on the CB. This is a sign that there is not enough space between the ring and the tube for your testicles’ blood vessels to keep flowing smoothly and it is a very bad thing.

It’s also worth noting that I think it’s actually the size of the spacer that is the biggest boon to the security of the device, since it’s the spacer that determines how “tightly” the device grips your testicles.

In any event, it turns out that smaller rings which are more snug are actually also better for your comfort. The simple fact is that the larger the plastic thing between your legs is, the harder it is to wear pants with a smooth outline, or just sit down comfortably! The smaller rings are also lighter, which pull on you less, and are also easier to find suitable underwear for. So whenever you can, go for the smaller ring.

In case you’re interested, I currently wear the size 3 ring with the second-smallest spacer that came in the pack, but am considering trying the next smallest ring size soon.

6. Swap the default lock for a rubber-coated one to avoid pinching

Another of the annoyances I have with the original product is that it ships with a pokey metal Master-branded lock. I mean, the thing has edges and corners that, yes, may look cool but when you’re all bulging out of the top air holes can really pinch you hard. More than a few times I’ve even gotten a small cut from twisting the wrong way and having one of the four corners of the master lock dig into the uncovered bit of my penis.

The solution to this is to go to your local department or hardware store and find a lock of equal size that is rubber-coated. These rubber-coated locks also often have curved edges, which is even more helpful. They cost on the order of 5 to 10 dollars depending on the make and model and are just as effective as the factory’s master lock, but they don’t hurt when they poke you.

7. Trim pubic hair short for increased comfort, but do not shave to hairlessness
There’s a lot of fantasy material out there that suggests you should shave yourself hairless before putting on a CB-3000. OMG NO! This is a terrible idea. First, you’re about to make it much, much more difficult to keep yourself clean, you’re going to cause potential irritation to your pubic area already, and now you want to compound that challenge by shaving all your pubic hair off?

A word to the wise: when your hair starts to grow back you will be very itchy, probably irritated, and unless your stint in the chastity belt will be for a grand total of two days, you are most certainly going to stay locked up longer than it will take your hair to grow back. Quite simply, do not do this. It is dumb.

That said, it’s a surprisingly good idea to trim your pubic hair so that it is short. The reason is so that you avoid situations in which a single hair or two or three get caught in the CB and pull on you. This is not a major problem since you can just yank them out, but it hurts and gets annoying when it happens too often. By trimming your pubic hair short you simply avoid this in the same way that cutting your hair short makes it harder for people to pull your hair (which may or may not be what you want, I guess…).

My longest pubes are approximately a centimetre in length right now, and that’s plenty short for fantasy play as well as CB comfort. The easiest way to do this is to use an electric razor with a guard (without wearing the CB, of course, though it can technically be done with it on, too) and simply trim that way. It’s fast, easy, and lots of folks consider it sexy. :)

8. Do not avoid hydrating, not even before bed
This is kind of related to tip number 2, because there’s this myth that it’s a good idea not to drink too much before you go to bed so as to avoid a possibly painful erection during the night. This is stupid. Why? Because it’s never a good idea to avoid hydrating your body. Your body needs water to survive, and peeing is a natural thing to do, even at night.

Further, I found that this doesn’t even work. Your body’s going to want to go pee whether you drank water or not. It just might not pee as much. So instead of not drinking, I say drink all you want, as normal, and when you need to get up to go pee, go pee. If you’re having pain at night due to erections, it’s probably caused by soreness in your scrotum and you should take a look at tip number 2 to see how you can use something like baby oil to help ease that pain.

9. Tuck it in (like a drag queen) to keep your bulge from showing

Often times, people are frightened that the bulge from their chastity device is too noticeable under clothing. Obviously, one solution is to wear baggier clothes. This works, but is more like a work around than a solution, though it is a good one. Wearing a baggy swim suit, I’ve been able to go swimming at crowded beaches while all locked away without even getting a second glance. Nevertheless, I love wearing tight jeans, girl’s pants, and so forth, which are typically pretty form-fitting and thus not very CB-friendly.

Luckily, I can tuck my penis downwards and back between my legs to a certain degree and in many cases this helped reduce the bulge in my pants to nothing, depending on how severely I tucked. Drag queens are famous for doing this, but of course they (probably) don’t have unyielding metal and/or plastic between their legs to deal with. Since we do, things are a bit more difficult, but still possible.

Wearing the right kind of underwear can help you keep your chastity device-encased penis “tucked.” This is actually one reason why I wear certain kinds of thongs (sort of wide in front, thin in back) while locked up; they help press my penis to my body and avoid the bulge in my pants. The fact that they are also traditionally thought of as women’s underwear is kind of icing on the cake at that point. ;) Also, arguably even more effective than tight thongs are girls’ boy shorts panties.

10. Take it off if you’re not having at least a little bit of fun
This should go without saying, but it never does so I’m saying it. If wearing the chastity device becomes more trouble than it’s worth, take it off. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including sustaining an injury such as a patch of dry skin that needs healing, being unable to sleep due to pain or other problems, or even just because it’s not fun anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break for a while, and in fact I found it was necessary for me to adjust to wearing the CB long-term over a period of time, gradually building up the amount of time I would spend in the device over each round, as well as shortening how long I would spend out of it at the end of each round. It took no less time than a full month of trial and effort for me to be able to spend 5 full days in the CB, and it wasn’t for another three months that I could spend 10.

This was not easy, and you better believe there were lots of days when it came off during that period for one reason or another.

Finally, keep in mind that no chastity device is proven 100% effective 100% of the time. Staying chaste, not orgasiming until your partner “permits” you to, is just as much up to you as it is up to them no matter what kind of chastity toys you’re wearing. Sure, your orgasm may not be quite as pleasurable if you orgasm while in chastity than while you’re released, but if you were determined enough you could probably do it. For me, it’s actually downright painful to come while in the CB, and it takes a ton of effort for a result that isn’t satisfactory at all, but it is a release of some kind, no matter how small.

In other words, chastity devices available today just aren’t denial devices, they’re deterrent devices, so it takes a bit of cooperation from you—the wearer—to maintain your abstinence. Rather than see this as a bad thing, realize that this means you can be just as denied without the device as you can with the device, and you and your key holder can take that as license to remove the device if it’s not working out for some reason. There are a number of circumstances, mostly mental and emotional health reasons, where Eileen will remove the device from me and still tell me not to orgasm. This is hard for me, sometimes even harder than being locked up, but it’s still sexy and it’s still orgasm denial. 

32 things a sub should never do!

" I received this from Sir the other day and laughed my ass off. Apparently I'm not being near enough of a pain in the ass. Consider the challenge accepted Sir.

1. Pushing limits does not mean making Master so angry that the vein above His right eye throbs.

2. "Quit it!" "OW, Damnit!" "I’m hiding that toy when You go to work tomorrow" and cursing a blue streak are not safe words.

3. "Oh my God, where did you get those. They are gorgeous!!!" is not considered boot worship.

The key difference between S&M and ABUSE

The key difference between S&M and Abuse, is "consent".

Consent = Is an agreed approval of what is done and/or proposed by another.

Abuse = to use so as to injure or damage: MALTREATMENT

  • Is based on the safe, sane, 
  • consensual theory
  • S&M is a controlled environment
  • S&M has safe words to stop the scene
  • In a S&M scene the dominant looks 
  • out for the well being of the submissive
  • S&M can be an erotic sexual encounter
  • In S&M both partners are enjoying themselves
  • in S&M the dominant respects limits
  • In S&M there is mutual respect
  • In S&M the relationship is fulfilling
  • In S&M both parties feel they contribute towards the relationships
  • In S&M one can ask their partner 
  • to "play"
  • In S&M relationship there is trust
  • In S&M a submissive voluntarily 
  • serves the dominant
  • S&M is about building trust
  • S&M builds self esteem
  • S&M builds the spirit of a submissive

  • Abuse is not negotiated                           
  • Abuse is an out of control environment                                   
  • Abuse does not have safe words
  • An abuser does not give a damn about the victim
  • Abuse is always one sided
  • Abuse is never negotiated.
  • In abuse, no one is enjoying the results
  • The abuser is into non consensual violence
  • The victim has no respect towards the abuser
  • In abuse the victim is harmed
  • In abuse both parties are left unfulfilled
  • The abuser always feel they are superior
  • A person does not ask for abuse
  • In an abusive relationship there is no trust
  • The abuser does not care for consent
  • Abuse has no trust
  • Abuse destroys self esteem
  • An abuser destroys the spirit of the victim

What is Foot Worship?

Many of us think of our feet as just being appendages of our bodies that take us from one place to the next. That is true for a great many of us. For people who worship the feet, these parts of our bodies can become scared. The practice of foot worship goes far back into our past when a person would lower their entire body on the ground so as to pay homage to a person of higher stature.

    In this context the phrase “kiss the ground that you walk on” literally means that. Here a subordinate person will show their adoration of the higher ranked person by kissing the ground that they walked on. They show they place a high importance on foot worship by acknowledging that even the feet of such a high individual is far superior to them.

    In the olden days slaves were made not only to prostrate themselves before their conquerors but they were forced to lick and kiss the parts of the floor that the “superior” race had walked on. This method of foot worship showed they understood their status.

    Foot worship can also be associated with foot fetish. Here items of the feet like socks, shoes, toenail rings and others become objects of sacred interest. These items cause the individual to venerate and worship the objects. The objects in this case will take the place of an actual person’s presence and the foot worship can take place at anytime that it is desired.

    There are other ways of foot worship. These are of an erotic nature as they stimulate sexual desires. In this type of foot worship the foot of a female or a male is kissed and the toes are sucked upon. Also burying one’s head in the soles of another person seems to indicate the subservient nature of that person and the superiority of the other.

Supposedly lowering the entire body and showing adulation to the feet of another person who is of a higher rank by foot worship is a way of saying that one person is unworthy of being in the presence of the other and their worship of the feet acknowledge this. Individuals who perform this type of foot worship will also allow themselves to be walked on, stomped upon and they will even let other people of “higher” ranks trample them without any protest.

    I am sure that there are people who think this sort of behaviour is either weird or erotic. I personally would rather perform foot worship by massaging my feet with soothing creams and lotions. Pamper them by soaking them in a bath of Epsom salts. Finally I would just relax my feet by keeping up on the sofa. This would be my version of foot worship.

Written by: Ajith Guptha

Nipple Clamps 101

Everyone usually have a pair of nipples and they can be the gateway to BDSM heaven if treated in a certain way. An activity that can be carried out with this in mind, is what is commonly known as Tit Torture or Nipple Torture.

Nipples are sensitive and a perfect area of the body use for pain and pleasure. Nipple torture can be carried out quite easily by biting on them, licking and pinching them. Keep in mind that it’s highly individual how nipple torture is processed, but with an escalating practice most people can turn the nipple torture into something very enjoyable. Nipples are in other words quite versatile.

You can also get a pair of nipple clamps or a good old-fashioned clothing pin if you are on a budget, I prefer the wooden ones, mostly for aesthetic reasons. The downside with regular clothing pins is that is impossible to control the pressure they apply on the nipple – And this is where a pair of nipple clamps comes into the picture, because they give you a greater level of control.

So if you want to have more control when applying the pain to the nipples, then you have a couple of choices as nipple clamps come in all sorts. I am going to sort out the differences between the basic ones as they all open up for new possibilities..

Before you start playing with nipple torture, there are some basic guidelines that are always good to follow:

The majority of nipple torture involves cutting off circulation to the nipples, the general rule is that nipple clamps shouldn’t be used for more than 10-15 minutes in order to prevent permanent damage to nerve ends among other thing.
Always try the clamps on yourself to get a sense of what you are subjecting your submissive to.
If you are using a pair of wooden clothing pins, be sure to use them on something else a couple of times to take the “bite” out of them.
If you or your submissive haven’t done nipple torture before, then don’t go for the meanest ones – Start slowly and work your way up for a longer period of time.
The line between pleasure and pain when using nipple clamps are very thin. Be sure to stay below that line in order to get maximum pleasure out of your nipple torture.
The nipples can get hypersensitive, even for days, afterwards.

Clover clamps

Clover clamps are also known as Japanese clamps as they have appeared in a lot of Japanese style porn movies. The clover clamp have smaller points, compared to other clamps, that are rubberised. The rubber helps to create a firm grip around the nipple which is necessary as clover clamps have a twist to them.

The more you pull on a clover clamp the harder it grabs hold of the nipple. This means that if you have a chain between a pair of clover clamps, then you can hang weights on the chain in order to increase the pressure on the nipple. Clover clamps have an initial nasty bite to them and are considered only to be used on submissive that are experienced in using nipple clamps.

Clover clamps are best applied a little bit behind the actual nipple as the points of pressure are small – If they are applied in such a way that they just grab hold of half of the nipple, then the bite is turned into a pinch which can make anyone pass out. The clover clamps should be applied gently and slowly as any mistake can be too painful.

Bull nosed clamps

Bull nosed clamps have blunt ends covered in rubber or latex and a screw in the middle which allows you to control the pressure they apply on the nipple. These clamps offer the same comfort as Tweezer clamps, the pressure on the nipple is fairly moderate even when they are tightened as far as they can be.

The pressure area is also fairly large in comparison with the clover clamps, which also makes these clamps to be considered as “nice” ones that are suitable for the aspiring beginner in the art of nipple torture.

Applying the bull nosed clamps can be a little bit of a hassle as you need to have a firm grip of the nipple between tip of your index finger and thumb to make it stick out. While holding that grip you need to guide the clamp in place and screw on it in order to make it grab hold of the nipple. As you understand from reading this – It is a troublesome task.

One solution is that the submissive grab hold of the nipple while the dominant concentrate on guiding the clamp and tightening the grip. This is of course  hard if your submissive is tied up.

Tweezer clamps

Tweezer clamps are graceful looking and very aesthetically pleasing. The pressure they apply on the nipple is regulated by a small metal ring that is moved up or down along the tweezer. The pressure that applied on the nipple by a tweezer clamp is minimal as the tweezer itself is very thin and the metal tend to budge. The rubber tips also helps to avoid a harsh pain when using tweezer clamps.

The grip of the tweezer clamp makes it unsuitable to sustain weights and if you pull on them they usually lose their grip. When applying these clamps, then you have the same problem as when you apply the bull nose clamps – You need to keep a grip on the nipple while guiding the clamp and adjusting the pressure ring. These clamps are also very hard to use on someone with small nipples and they are best applied straight on a stiff nipple.

The metal also gets weakened after extensive use, so you have to buy new ones now and then – On the other hand, they are fairly inexpensive.

No rubber protection

When you get more experienced with the tweezer clamps then you can remove the rubber tips and that reveals a pair of metal teeth which will make the clamp dig into the nipple, this is more for hardcore play and it might break some skin as well. If you decide to use the clamps without the rubber tips, then be sure the clean them carefully before and after use in a suitable disinfectant. An infection in your nipple is not something that you would want and it can actually affect your ability to breast feed later in life.

My personal opinion is that tweezer clamps are mostly for show as the tactile sensation is minimal – But if you have a low threshold when it comes to pain while having your nipples stimulated then these clamps are a very good start.

Tweezer clamps was actually my first pair of clamps that I bought and I find them very useful when I am in the start of nipple training a submissive as they are very soft.


C-clamps require that you can invoke a fairly large nipple erection to make the clamp grab hold of the nipple. The big flat surface creates a evenly distributed pressure across the nipple.

My experience is that you have to tighten these clamps fairly hard to make them they stay in place. The smaller nipple you have, the smaller surface for the C-clamp to grab hold of. The area between the two metal rods is usually small, which makes it virtually impossible to apply the clamp behind the nipple.

Applying these clamps involves the same problem as with tweezer clamps and bull nosed clamps – You wish you had three hands when trying to put these on a submissive. These are actually the hardest ones to put on as you only have the nipple to work with, so you have to be very delicate in your grip while trying to move the nipple into the clamp.

The psychological enjoyment of nipple clamps

As I mentioned before, nipple clamps constricts or even cuts of circulation to the nipples. There is some pressure/pain involved when applying the clamps onto the nipples, but that pain will usually dissipate as the body gets used to the sensation and produces endorphins. This is also why the dominant should keep track of the time that the clamps stays on, as the submissive might not feel any pain at all after a couple of minutes.

There is a psychological twist with nipple clamps that is quite enjoyable – They hurt even more when you remove them.

As you constrict the blood flow to the nipples you also make them numb. As the blood rushes back into the area that has been constricted, the feeling also returns creating an overload at the nerve ends. This means that the submissive will in most cases feel a very sharp and intense, uncontrollable, pain when the clamps are removed.

This can be used in favour of the dominant – Remove one clamp and let the submissive ride through the pain. Then you remind the sub that there is one clamp left and that you have to remove that as well. The longer you let the clamps stay one, the more excruciating the pain will be when you remove them and that can be enough to send someone into subspace. Be sure to keep the basic rule; Don’t leave the clamps on no longer than 10-15 minutes to avoid permanent damage to the nerve ends.

Happy clamping everyone and feel free to write about your experiences with nipple clamps as comments to this post.

A list of online resources for transgender people and their family and friends

A list of online resources for transgender people and their family and friends

Culture and community


The site is run by volunteers and a not for profit organisation We are the most up to date resource for the UK and online based support groups; users can find a local group and even message them directly from our site using the "Contact Group" button. We don't store any details and the site is secured by SSL.

We're verifying and adding groups on an ongoing basis with our next focus being online groups with Discord Servers, Telegram and Facebook groups becoming increasingly popular to compliment those that meet up in person.

The Angels

Forum 'supporting the TG community'.

Club Wotever
A London bar space for trans, queer, LGBT people and their friends, with an emphasis on queer/trans performance.

Deep Stealth Productions
Founded by Calpernia Addams and Andrea James, Deep Stealth strives for positive media representation of trans people.

Gendered Intelligence
Creative workshops, arts programmes, conferences and youth group sessions.

'A unique digital magazine which brings you the very best of trans and genderqueer news, advice and entertainment'.

The 'national transgender celebration' which takes place in Manchester every year.

Trans Media Watch
Aims to combat prejudiced or sensationalist media reporting of trans issues, and offer advice to people or organisations.

Former London-based organisation devoted to transgender performance art, with an interesting archive.

Online forum for the trans community.

Female-to-male (FtM)

FTM International
A comprehensive website for the female-to-male community, offering information about healthcare, law, events and family support.

FTM Network
A British-based site acting as a friendship/support group for FtM transgender and transsexual people.

FTM Resource Guide
For trans men and friends, with tips on hormones, grooming, clothing, surgery and more.

UK-based FtM lifestyle forum.

Original Plumbing
US magazine 'dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FtM trans guys'.

'The internet's magazine for transgender men'.

History and politics

The Empire Strikes Back
Trans woman Sandy Stone's spirited rebuttal of Janice Raymond's book The Transsexual Empire (1979). This essay is one of the key texts of the 90s trans rights movement.

Genderqueer Revolution
For people beyond gender binaries.

Gender Variance Who's Who
'Essays on trans, intersex, cis and other persons and topics from a trans perspective'. Includes plenty of further reading, with a list of international trans resources.

Intersex UK
Committed to human rights for intersex people.

Just Plain Sense – The Trans Tapes
Interviews by Christine Burns with a variety of trans people.

Press For Change
Political lobbying and educational organisation campaigning for equality and human rights for British trans people through legislation and social change. The original website is archived here.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project
US-based organisation seeking to raise the voices of marginalised trans people.

Trans London
London discussion group.

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Observed every 20 November to commemorate victims of transphobic violence.

Women Born Transsexual
'For people who recognise transsexualism as an innate condition rather than a gender identity disorder'.

Medical services and healthcare

Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic online support group
A discussion group for those who have used the Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross.

Mind OUT
Service for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people with mental health concerns.

National archives – Gender Identity
Department of Health documents relating to gender identity.

NHS Choices
The NHS page on gender dysphoria, covering terminology, symptoms and treatment.

Trans Health
Magazine covering health and fitness issues.

Transhealth UK
The London Gender Clinic, the UK's largest private service.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)
Professional organisation devoted to 'the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders'. Originally named after pioneering physician Harry Benjamin, WPATH produces the ethical guidelines and standards of care for professionals working with patients with gender identity issues.

Support groups and information

The Beaumont Society
National self-help body run by and for those who cross-dress or are transsexual, and for their partners.

Clare Project
Brighton-based support group 'open to anyone wishing to explore issues around gender identity'.

Support group for families and friends of transsexual people in the UK.

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)
Information for trans people, their families and medical professionals.

Gender Trust
Organisation which supports adults whose lives are affected by gender identity issues, as well as families and employers of transsexual or transgender people.

Family and individual support for teenagers and children with gender identity issues.

Scottish Transgender Alliance
Support for trans people, equality organisations, policymakers and employers in Scotland.

Susan's Place
A comprehensive collection of online transgender resources, allowing people to add links/information themselves.

Trans Resource & Empowerment Centre
Based in Manchester, with monthly meetings, talks and workshops.

Transgender Zone
Comprehensive website including medical information, a guide to venues and opinion about transgender representation in the media for both MtFs and FtMs.

Transsexual Road Map
An excellent free guide to process of transitioning, and the social issues around it.

Courtesy of Juliet Jacques, Thursday 29 November 2012