Do as I say... or suffer the consequences.

Courtesy of : Jay Boy who emailed me this rather delicious story. There I was again: Standing at Mistress Leyla's cross, naked, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles cuffed to the frame of the sturdy wooden cross. The leather mask over my eyes made it impossible to see anything but the slightest shimmer of light. I could only hear Mistress walking around her play room, opening and closing cabinets and drawers, clearly getting ready for things to come. I had been in this position before - many times. I had been beaten, tortured and humiliated while at Mistress cross. I had my balls bound and weighed down, my nipples, cock and balls adorned with clamps ranging from mild clothespins to agonizing alligator clamps. Mistresses had subjected me to electric shocks, whipped my cock and made me the subject of the laughter of some her slave and associates. I was wondering what Mistress Leyla would do today - almost dreaming as she had let me stand there quite a while, full of anticipati

A Halloween Short Story For My Mistress Leyla

A t the time, a Halloween fancy dress party had seemed like the perfect excuse for a fun night out and Marie decided she needed a fun night more than anything else in her life. But with it starting within the next hour now she wasn’t quite so sure. Her week had been hectic to say the least, non-stop work till late every night, and tomorrow she was planning to spend all day with her mother preparing her for the imminent move into a nursing home. Now she stood in front of the full-length mirror set into the wardrobe door. Her fancy dress costume looked okay, not as good as it did when she’d seen it on her computer screen but then shopping online always led to disappointingly high expectations she thought to herself. She was dressed in a black catsuit decorated in fluorescent bones making her look like a glowing skeleton in the dark. However under the bright room lights it was very figure-hugging and left her feeling a little exposed. At 37 she still had an enviable figure bu

Session with Mistress - A BDSM Story

Submitted by Slaveash It was quite bright when I got out of my house and looked around. There are not many people on the street. It had stopped snowing a few weeks before; you could still feel the nip in the air. My hands were shaking while locking the door. This had less to do with the cold and more out of apprehension of being seen. I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I was wearing a long overcoat over a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. I had put on my blue 6” stilettos.  Under my clothes I was wearing matching black bra, black lace panties and black lace garter belt holding up my fishnet stockings on my newly shaved legs. I had a medium size anal plug up my rear. I was now ready to meet my Mistress. I walked to the bus stop and to wait in queue for the bus, with full my concentration on walking properly in these heels. This was a part of my obedience training. I was to take public transport to mistress’s dungeon. Mistress had given me an option of wearing

When a contract ruins your life. BDSM Story - The Contract

“ The Contract ” by marco may I awoke in darkness, a hood tied over my head and face. I sat in a chair, my hands tied behind me. The room was cold and damp and I was dressed only in my underwear. Suddenly I heard the loud, unmistakable sound of clicking heels…louder and louder…and then they stopped. I heard breathing and a soft moan: “Mmmmmm, look at my helpless slave, ready for his fate.” A hand ripped off my hood. My eyes adjusted to the light and I gasped at the stunning, powerful figure before me. I had never seen anyone like her…there she stood, towering over me in a long leather coat. She smiled down at me, and then let the coat drop to the floor. I nearly fainted at the sight – A beautiful, powerful woman who made my heart race – she wore the tightest-cinched corset I had ever seen – it gave her a wasp-like waist and pushed her breasts up … they were nearly spilling out of her corset. Her magnificent, toned legs were covered in fishnet stockings with multiple garter suspend

A Story By Suzann to Mistress

A Story submitted by Suzann....     I am standing In front of a mirror in the bedroom of a  woman  whose house I rent a room  in. I am wearing her black  nylon panties with lacy insets thinking I am alone in the house. I suddenly hear a laugh and turn towards the door and see her standing  with a smirk on her face  I am so embarrassed  that I am paralyzed. I  start staring  at the floor afraid to meet her eyes but I know I must look up . I hear her walk towards me. She is older and  very elegant  and I knew she would have  glamorous panties and  even though I fought the urge, I knew it was only a matter of time till I snuck into her bedroom. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself.  Now I must face her and the fact that I am a sneaky underwear thief . She gave me a slap on the face and it made me look up. I was scared but She  was grinning .  Not much of bulge in the front panty boy. She said. She then pulled the panties down and looked at my undersized penis.

The Commanding Mistress - A story by My Forced Fem Slut

I carefully read through Mistress Leyla’s website and can feel myself coming under Her commanding spell, I know I must submit myself to Her for whatever purpose She may desire. I obediently fill in the application forms and wait with baited breath for my reply. I have to wait for what seems an eternity as every day I check my emails in the hope that Lady Leyla will of found me interesting and intriguing enough to grant me Her time. Finally I receive Her email and I am filled with nervous anticipation and a slight sense of foreboding as I read it. The lady has decided to grant me permission to serve and as my first task I must give Her a call on a set time and date to speak further of my duties and to arrange a suitable time for my first session. I cannot wait to talk to my now Mistress although when I do call I’m a bag of nerves and shaking as I hold the phone listening to Her silky smooth yet demanding voice. We arrange a suitable day for my first visit to Lady Leyla and am told to

Jeremy & Mistress Leyla

Submitted by jeremy himself: Jeremy has quite an important job in industry but whenever possible he likes to be reminded of his school days where the housemistress in charge of his boarding house was extremely beautiful but also very strict and vindictive.  She was a firm believer in the value of corporal punishment for naughty boys.  From time to time Mistress Leyla helps Jeremy relive his schooldays. Mistress Leyla is her usual elegant and disdainful self in her role as Jeremy's housemistress.  She is wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt and her elegant legs are covered with nylon stockings.  Her black high - heeled shoes have spiky high heels.  Jeremy knows he is in love with her but fears her ruthlessness and her punishments. On arrival he is sent to change into his school uniform of a grey shirt, a striped school tie and short grey trousers.  He shivers as he taps gently at Mistress Leyla's door. 'You're late boy' snaps Mistress Leyla reaching